The resistance was phenomenal as five men tried to pull the fireman from the grasp of the blob.  The weight of the mass hung over him as it crept forward.  The other firefighters managed to pull the man back far enough to expose his waist.  Smoke tunneled upward from exposed skin and small sections where the protection failed.  The group of firemen pulled and managed to pull his legs partially free.  The rest of the escape came from the man pulling his feet from his boots but it came at a severe cost.

With the fireman free the others pulled him to the paramedics.  The blob sat motionless, happy to search the fireman’s boots for anything.

“I think the extinguisher damaged the blob creature but it certainly didn’t stop it,” Brian thought outloud.

“Come on, you’re telling me that your business is monsters and you can’t figure this out.”

Brian turned quickly.  “If you have any ideas come over here and try something!”

The man, grumbled inaudibly, turned and sat in his car.

“Come on Brian…”

“Kitty litter.  We need kitty litter.”  The hazmat men stood at their truck talking about dinner, kids and food.  “Are you three going to do anything!”

“That thing is alive, said the first man.  “We deal with dangers that are not alive.  This is on you.  Once it’s dead we’ll clean it up.”

“Do you, at least, have kitty litter?”

“Sure, we can help you out there.”

Brian gathered up several bags of kitty litter.  Officer Reyes grabbed a bag along with two of the firemen.  The blob began to stand again, forming the columns for legs then sculpting a mass that would serve as its waist.  The men poured the kitty litter along the base of the blob and immediately it stopped and recalled the long columns.  The mass of gelatin expanded and all three men jumped backward.  Officer Reyes dropped the remainder of his bag and swore.

The blob managed to roll over the kitty litter, keeping it at the bottom of the mass but it stopped all activity.  Any attempt to grow had stopped.  Any attempt to move ceased.  It sat so the two remaining firemen poured the rest of the kitty litter on top.

The dark sky was bright with reds, blues and yellows.  Conversations erupted randomly throughout the exit ramp as highway traffic buzzed by with barely a noticed.  Residents from Grayling and neighboring homes stood outside the long yellow tape wrapped around the scene.

Brian Tipene, Officer Oscar Reyes and the firemen waited.

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