Gabriel watched the small dog-like creature. Gabriel tried to comprehend the scene.  Terrence Stone had stood on the other side of the gurney till he collapsed.  Within moments replaced by a terrifying, leather-skinned, chupacabra that fought with the uniform of the former EMT.

Officer Reyes stared at the ceiling of the ambulance.  His eyelids were heavy and his head throbbed.  The pain in his leg reminded him of the events with the blob and he growled.  He turned his head and stared at the frightening face of Diablo.

“What the hell is this?”  Oscar shouted recalling the dream seconds ago.

The chupacabra slipped from the EMT’s uniform and looked up at Oscar.  It then sat and looked at Oscar.  Gabriel moved right along the side of the gurney and looked over Oscar’s blood drenched leg.  The frightful thing turned it’s head.  It’s leathery lip curled revealing a pair of long, sharp teeth.  The growl terrified Gabriel and his legs began to shake.  The chupacabra stood and walked toward him.  Oscar laid, strapped to the  gurney, and watched Diablo square up near the corner of the gurney.

Oscar swallowed hard.  He inspected the EMT uniform on the floor then Diablo.  Oscar shouted at the creature just as it was about to leap at Gabriel.  Diablo stopped and continued to stare at Gabriel.

“Diablo, come here,” Oscar ordered and the creature turned and sat near his head.  Oscar struggled as his leg burned.  The stone fell from between his arm and side.   Gabriel watched the small black object fall from the officer’s body. The polished, black stone bounced over the floor and settled by the back doors. Gabriel moved toward the stone curious to identify the weird item but Diablo leap toward him as he reached for the stone.  Gabriel checked Oscar’s leg wound until the chupacabra turned and growled.

He checked the front window and saw the hospital approaching.

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