An unwanted man sits in a corner,

Thinking of the love he has lost.

With every minute of life gone by,

This lonely man’s thinking, “Lord, Just let me die.”

Beautiful woman pass him by each day,

They drop change in his hand, but have nothing to say.

He is offered a shelter, but to proud to sleep under it.

Eats a meal in a homeless shelter.

Reading letters he never sent her.

He dreams of the day he can treat her,

Like the princess she is to him.

He dreams of a life secure,

In the arms of a woman like her.

To him she’s a princess.

To her he’s just like the rest.

He plans out the day they’ll meet .

She walks on the same old beat.

Dressed up in a suit of blue,

She doesn’t have a clue,

That this bum’s heart is true.

With every step she makes,

She’s always in his sight.

What a safer walk it takes,

When he don’t walk with her at night.

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