So I was able to complete my 1st draft of City of Zombies.  It was really a test for how far I could go and whether I could finish anything.  I think it went well and I am now in the editing phase.  Next task will be to work on my Art.  It has really been ignored for the last couple years.  So the plan is to do the same thing.  Every Wednesday I will work on some picture using art from Pinterest


I will not pressure myself to finish it in one day.  The only rule is to work on it.  I still have to post every Wednesday so I will likely post about it.  Pictures of my progress may come every week or every other week.

My writing has not stopped and I need to continue to make progress with my novel and new work.  There is a bug in my ear regarding the Long Black Train.  I’ve been wanting to work on that and expand.

This will require some major world building, which I’m still working on.  City of Zombies was also a world builder exercise but I was able to base it off of things I see everyday.  The world of the Long Black Train is dark and filled with magic and monsters.  Mythology of a huge source of material for a writer.  Many of the monsters are based off them.  The Long Black Train is no different but my question is:

Is there a lack of originality because I use mythology?   Just like the Man tests I deal with all day long.  Does mythology make me less of a writer like dressing in pink could make me less than a man?  (Note: My comparison is  tongue in cheek)

Tongue in cheek?  What does that mean?


Apparently the tongue in cheek was an indication of contempt.  Still not sure what that would look like but oh well..

The picture above… I got lost in a tangent…

So standby for updates on my new task, my new writing and general thoughts..


7 thoughts on “New Task – World of my Artwork

  1. Utilizing myths doesn’t make you less of a writer. Research is a huge part of being a great writer. For example, C.S. Lewis used many mythological creatures from European folklore in his most famous series (The Chronicles of Narnia). His work featured fauns and centaurs among other mythological creatures that were instantly recognizable to his readers due to their cultural exposure to them.

    Tolkien on the other hand took goblins, trolls and elves from European lore and reconfigured them to suit his story’s needs. Can you imagine Legolas fixing shoes or helping Santa Claus? He also invented new types of creatures like Balrogs and Orcs and the Uruk-hai.

    Stay creative!

    • kingsboro2008 says:

      Yes, good points. My real next question is how do you make monsters that are not based off of mythology?
      Everything I write is based off of some creature. The only thing I can think off that is completely original is human characters.
      Why am I obsessing over original monsters.. I don’t know.. just bored.. 🙂

      Another original character can be the devil. I’ve never seen the same devil and there are so many different versions.

      • I would say look for inspiration in nature. There are lots of rare and amazing creatures that you can ask, “What if this were really big” or “What if this could think like a person” and come up with really crazy bad guys.

        By combining creatures you can make a never ending rogues gallery of previously never before seen chimeras for your heroes to combat.

        Try looking to the microscopic world or the “midnight zone” of the ocean. There are many horrifying creatures lurking there that are lesser known and would make for great inspiration.

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